Important Tips for selling iPhone 5: Get the Best Deal on iPhone 5

Selling iPhone 5 will enable you to get money that you need to fund the purchase of the latest version of iPhone. Apple is always releasing the latest and better iPhones. As such, most people are always looking for ways to make more money while selling used iPhones so that they can upgrade to the latest iPhone models. Perhaps, you have been holding on to an old iPhone 5. Maybe you feel that you need to let go of your old iPhone and invest in the latest iPhone model. Our experts share important tips that will enable you to sell your iPhone 5 with ease and at the best price.

Determine the current price of used iPhone 5 in the market

The price of a used iPhone 5 is determined by several factors. They include the current carrier of the device, whether it is unlocked or locked, its condition and the included extra. Start by determining the trending price of iPhone 5 devices that are in a condition similar to yours. Also find out what buyers are saying about used iPhone 5 after purchasing them. This will enable you to determine the most ideal price to ask for your iPhone 5 and how to present it to prospective buyers.

Sell your iPhone 5 online

The best way to sell a used iPhone 5 is through the internet. This is because the internet enables you to present your device to more prospective buyers. It is also an easy way of selling a used iPhone because you just need to describe your device and upload photos of it. More people will be interested in your device if you share its latest photos with them.

Take time to prepare your device for sale

It is important that you take time to prepare your iPhone 5 for sale. This includes wiping the current data in the phone. This is very important because you do not want a total stranger to have access to your important information. Therefore, clear all vital data in your iPhone 5. Before doing that, you can backup your data to make accessible to you once you purchase a new iPhone. Once you have backed up the data, wipe the device and restore its factory settings. This will ensure that no trace of your iPhone 5 can be found in the device by the new owner.

Unlock your iPhone 5 if locked

More people will be interested in buying your iPhone 5 if you unlock it before you offer it for sale. This is because when unlocked, the device can be used with any carrier. The person who purchases your iPhone 5 may want to use a different carrier from the one that you are using. If your device is locked, this will pose a challenge to them. Therefore, unlock your device to not only attract more prospective buyers, but also to ask more money for it.

With our iPhone selling service, you will find selling iPhone 5 pretty easier. Our service will save you time that you would spend looking for buyers of your iPhone.

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